Services and Pricing

If you are like us, at Pawfect-Pets your animals are part of the family. 

So when you can't be there to care for them, because of work, a holiday, that special day out, or perhaps a hospital stay, you want them taken care of with the best love, care and devotion as you would give! 

We understand that making the decision for the choice of your animal's care is not taken lightly and can be difficult,
 rest assured that Pawfect-Pets are totally committed to your peace of mind and your pets' well-being, while you can't be there!       

One to One dog walking

For many reasons some dogs are more suited to solo walks or only walking with another dog from the same household, so we are able to offer walking that is tailored to suit you and the needs of your pet/s.


Group dog walks

We also cater for dogs who enjoy a social, fun-filled walk with other dogs. We blend the requirements of both owner and dog, match your dog according to their personality, which is never more than four at a time, so they can enjoy the company of other dogs. 

Cat Sitting

We know our furry felines much prefer to keep their routine and remain in the comfort of their own home, with all their familiar surroundings around them! As a great alternative to a cattery, we can care for all their needs while you are away. We will feed, clean out bowls, provide fresh water, clean out litter trays and give oodles of fuss, love and attention! 

As this home service is tailored to suit you, we can also care for any other small animals and fish, collect post, open/close curtains and turn on/off any subtle lighting, to give your home that lived in look while you are away! 

Small animal sitting

With our home visits we can also take care of your smaller pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, birds, chickens and any other pets you may have. We can clean out cages, pet housing and generally cater for all your animal needs. As with the cat sitting service we can offer house security too, by closing/opening curtains, turning on/off courtesy lighting,  collecting the post and putting out/returning bins before and after collection.

Puppy, older dog, injury and post operative care visits

With a young puppy their needs can be very demanding. When you can't be there we can visit as many times as you wish to take them out into your garden, feed them, change water, tend to any accidents and of course give lots of company, fuss and TLC! In addition to puppy visits this service is also suitable for older dogs, who are unable to walk far, or convalescing animals recovering from injury/ illness, which need that extra bit of special attention.

Puppy socialisation

Puppy socialisation sessions are an excellent way to achieve  a well-adjusted and balanced, happy dog! Once your puppy has received all the required vaccinations, they can either be taken out on their own initially, to get used to unfamiliar surroundings or if they are ready, immediately introduced to a stable, well adjusted group for a social, fun walk.