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Both group and solo walks are offered by Pawfect Pets! Whether you require regular daily walks on a group or solo basic or as an ad hoc arrangement on occasional days, then Pawfect Pets can provide the services for you. Providing professional, loving dedicated walks throughout the beautiful Epping Forest countryside, your dog will be waiting for their fun filled, exciting walk!


Pawfect Pets offer both group and solo daily walks across the beautiful Epping Forest countryside. Most dogs are happy and content to walk in a small group of dogs, enjoying the sociability, friendship, and adventure they experience alongside their canine pals. If your dog’s are better suited to walking on their own than in a small group then Pawfect Pets can arrange this for you. Both the group and solo walks can be as a regular daily arrangement or on an ad hoc, irregular basis, all tailored to suit your individual needs. Pawfect Pets will collect, walk, then return home your canine pal for some much needed forty sofa winks for a well-earned rest and rejuvenation!


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